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Best Smart Bulbs for Alexa in 2022

One of the most popular and vast categories among the smart lighting system is Amazon’s Alexa smart light bulbs. These bulbs work with Alexa smart voice Assistant to give you access to all features using your tablets, smartphones, or smartwatches. You can automatically adjust with the touch of a button with internet access.

Alexa smart light bulbs come in varieties of forms and dimensions. They are top-quality, easy to use, intuitive, and 75% more efficient than typical household light bulbs.

These smart bulbs also come with LEDs that can be controlled using the app on your smartphone or desktop, allowing you to change the color whenever you desire.

There are many smart bulbs for Alexa on Amazon. However, to assist you in making a choice, we’ve compiled a list of our top-rated smart lights bulb along with key factors to consider when buying any of them.

Let’s get to it!


Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit

With the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit, you can add subtle color to any room. The kit comes with three-color smart bulbs and a Hue Bridge, which offers complete management of the lights as well as access to the Hue app and a plethora of functions.

Philip Hue works connected with homes to deliver colorful lighting that can be synchronized with your TV, games, and music to create thrilling lighting experiences.

Philips Hue is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant with a suitable Google Nest or Amazon Echo device. You can easily control multiple lights in a room with simple voice commands.

Moreover, what distinguishes it among the best is that it contains many features, such as routines, sunrise/sunset automation, scenarios, geofencing, and a vacation mode.

In addition to the lighting experience, you can easily create the ideal ambiance for every gathering in your home with the help of more than 16 million colors. You can tune your light to the perfect shade for your daily activities with the push of a button.

Also, you can transform your living room into a theater, add color accents to your home design, and do much more.

Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.3 inches

Item weight: 8 ounces

Pros Cons
You have complete control over the lighting on your phone It is expensive
Your standard illumination is changed into something more innovative and clever. It requires a separate hue bridge hub.
The smart lightbulb consumes relatively little power It is solely appropriate for indoor use.
It is strong enough to last a lifetime.


Wyze Color Bulb

Do you want a simple and inexpensive bulb? Then, the Wyze color bulb is the perfect one for you!

It is one of the best-priced smart light bulbs you can connect and control with your phone and voice commands. It enables automation, scheduling, sleep cycles, and other functions triggered by devices.

The beautiful thing about Wyze Bulbs is that they are inexpensive, well-made enough to last for months, and simple to use and install. It needs to be screwed into a lamp or other light source, connected to your WiFi using the free app and can be controlled by Alexa or Google Assistant to find new gadgets.

Additionally, you can control the brightness and color temperature with your voice.

Explore the millions of rich colors and turn every moment into memories.

Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 12 inches

Item weight: 9.9 ounces

Pros Cons
It can be adjusted for various color temperatures and brightness Non-individually packaged
Very affordable Without dynamic lighting effects
It doesn’t require a hub control


Ring A19 Smart Bulb

The ring is a well-known smart home brand better renowned for providing a selection of smart lights, such as this reasonably priced A19 replacement bulb that brightens your space by 800 lumens.

Also, it supports Alexa voice control, much as the other devices.

However, it requires the purchase of the Ring Bridge separately if you want to use the app’s smart features, such as smartphone notifications, schedule creation, remote light control, and more.

The A19 Smart LED is a reliable, reasonably priced upgrade for rooms where you don’t need to worry about adjusting the color temperature if you have a Ring or Alexa-enabled home.

Additionally, it is compatible with other Ring products, enabling you to operate the lights and front-door security cameras simultaneously.

Dimensions: 2.48 x 2.48 x 4.35 inches

Item weight: 4.2 ounces

Pros Cons
Affordable Hub required
Suitable with other Ring products Potentially not as bright as others
Excellent brightness for most homes at 800 lumens


Govee Smart Light Bulb

In the world of smart lighting, Govee is a company that is seriously making waves. The Govee Smart LED Bulb is not just inexpensive but also provides excellent color saturation that doesn’t suffer as brightness is increased.

Furthermore, the brightness of Govee light bulbs is comparable to a 60W standard bulb while utilizing up to 90% less energy. Besides, the LED light bulb’s lifespan can reach 50,000 hours.

When it comes to Alexa-compatible smart light bulbs, the Govee Smart Light Bulb is a value-packed option. The LED smart bulb emits a soft light that can be controlled wirelessly using Bluetooth (only when you’re in range) or WiFi over a 2.4GHz connection.

Govee smart light bulbs can be controlled by simple voice commands and work with Alexa and Google Assistant. Also, you can use the Govee Home app to change the colors, brighten the light, or turn on/off your smart lights at any time.

Dimensions: 2.36 x 2.36 x 4.17 inches

Item temperature: 8.4 ounces

Pros Cons
It functions with Alexa and Google Assistant Doesn’t support 5GHz networks
Energy saving
Compatible with Bluetooth


LIFX Colour Smart Light Bulb

LIFX color bulb is one of the best, bright and colorful bulbs. It connects directly to your home WiFi network or Amazon Alexa without requiring any hub.

In terms of lighting, the LIFX color A19 bulb of 1,100- lumens (75-watt) provides dimmable light of up to millions of different colors. You can set it to the color based on the mood of your activity.

The bulb is a great choice if you want color variations because it can be used both inside and outside due to its weather-resistant design.

Dimensions: 2.36 x 2.36 x 4.13 inches

Item weight: 5 ounces

Pros Cons
It doesn’t require a separate hub Expensive
Millions of colors


Sengled Smart Light Bulb

Sengled is one of the best, most inexpensive, and easy-to-install smart light bulbs.

Sengled is perfect for people who aren’t as tech-savvy; unlike Philips Hue bulbs, the Sangled smart WiFi bulbs connect straight to your home network. It doesn’t require a bridging hub to light up your home.

Besides, the Sengled app functions with Alexa and delivers all the fundamental smart bulb features like setting scenes and creating lighting routines.

Additionally, it has a setting that gradually brightens or decreases the lights to assist you in going to sleep and waking up.

Dimensions: 5.24 x 4.96 x 4.13 inches

Item weight: 10.8 ounces

Pros Cons
It doesn’t require a hub Only supports Alexa
Easy setup


Nanoleaf Essential Light

The modular Nanoleaf Shapes light panels are hexagonal tiles that can be paired with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri and add a healthy dose of chaos to a plain bedroom or workstation.

These modular wall lights can be customized by arranging them in various ways. Any home setup will seem better because of the cool, sci-fi effect they emit through their light.

Even better, the Nanoleaf Lines can sync with your smartphone so that the action and lighting effects are in perfect timing. To make the experience even more immersive, add the feature of having it light up to the beat of your music.

Although expensive, it is undoubtedly special compared to other smart lights.

Dimensions: 39.37 x 0.59 x 0.2 inches

Item weight: 2.82 ounces

Pros Cons
No hub required Expensive
Ideal for small lambs
Limitless color


Features Comparison

Smart Light Bulbs Features
Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant | Over 16 million colors | Colourful Lighting | Sunset/Sunrise automation | Output of 1,600 Lumens | 25,000-Hour Lifespan
Wyze Color Bulb Affordable | Output of 1,100 Lumens | Vacation mode | Direct WiFi connection | Easy to install
Ring A19 Smart Bulb The output of 800 Lumens | Easy installation | Control with Ring App | Energy Efficient | Estimated 25,000-Hour Lifespan
Govee Smart Light Bulb The output of 800 Lumens Connection Via Bluetooth and App Control | Excellent Colour Saturation| Affordable | 50,000-Hour Lifespan | 2.4GHz WiFi
LIFX Colour Smart Light Bulb Works with Alexa | Output of 1,100 Lumens | 2.4GHz WiFi | Energy Efficient | Dimmable
Sengled Smart Light Bulb Dimmable | 2.4GHz WiFi | Output of 800 Lumens | Compatible with Alexa
Nanoleaf Essential Light Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant | Output of 60 Lumens | 25,000-Hour Life span | Simple setup


Final Words

What else are you waiting for?

Check out the features of each smart light bulb listed above and illuminate your home with the best lighting experience.

However, before you choose the ideal one for your home, it’s important to plan where you’ll put the smart light bulb and the area it will brighten.


Author: Damola Adetoro

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